about Heifer

More than 75 years of lasting change

Heifer Netherlands is an independent organization. We are part of the international Heifer network, which started in 1944 with the fight against hunger and poverty by promoting sustainable livestock farming. In the late 1930’s, Heifer was already giving young heifers to people suffering from the Spanish Civil War. The first calf was passed on to someone else.

Our mission

Together with farming communities we are ending hunger and poverty and stimulate a sustainable use of the environment.

Our team

Heifer Nederland consists of a small, but highly dedicated, team of 8 people. The team is being supported by a professional supervisory board that brings expertise in different areas.

Strategic plan

Are you curious about our plans for the coming years? You can find it in our current strategic plan which applies to the period July 2020 to June 2023. In this plan, we not only set ourselves the goal of having 49,500 farming families overcome hunger and poverty by 2023, we also want them to improve their income and strengthen their resilience to climate change.

Beleid Heifer Nederland

Working with Heifer

We work closely with partners around the world that support our mission of ending hunger and poverty, while caring for the earth. Together we can bring poor farming families out of poverty and create strong resilient communities,