Heifer Impact Capital

Access to finance to run and grow businesses is one of the biggest barriers facing many of the farmers we work with. Globally, 1.7 billion adults remain without an account at a financial institution or mobile money provider. Many of these are women living in rural areas.

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Investing for impact

Heifer Impact Capital provides affordable finance to the farmers and cooperatives working with us. These impact investments provide working capital and financing to purchase or lease equipment, so farmers can scale their businesses and increase their profits. Recent investments and support from Heifer Impact Capital have enabled farmers to meet consumer demand and build sustainable livelihoods. Investments are focused on social impact, with financial returns invested back into the communities we work with around the world.

Examples of Heifer Impact Investment

We provide targeted financial support that propels
farmers toward self-reliance.

Please contact our Impact Capital Team for more information.
Marius van der Veeken: marius@heifer.nl / +31-165 520 123.