Good Governance and Green Growth, cambodia

This project will contribute to an inclusive, participatory, empowered and independent civil society and democratic space in order to increase smallholder farmers’ resilience to socio-economic challenges in Cambodia.

Kampon Thom, Kampon Chhang, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Good governance, social capital

The project

The partners Heifer, Kundamlay Organisation, Life with Dignity, and Credit Union Foundation Australia is implementing the action Civil Society Organisations for Good Governance and Green Growth in Cambodia (CSO4G), funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity, participation and environment of farmers’ organisations to function as actors of good governance and development in agricultural value chains, leading to the promotion of socio-economic rights of smallholder farmers in Cambodia.

The project will train and support self-help groups, cooperatives as well as the Social Entrepreneurs Union of Agricultural Cooperatives to deliver better services to their members, and increase their capacity in supporting smallholder farmers.

The project combines a rights-based approach, building social capital through holistic community development with a focus on financial literacy, with a market systems development approach to increase farmer’s resilience to socio-economic challenges in Cambodia.

 Expected outcomes:

  • Smallholder farmers have expanded their business and soft skills, strengthened their social fabric, and are actively participating in self-help groups at grassroots level.
  • Agricultural cooperatives are reinforced to improve their sustainability, enhance their governance, strengthen provision of business development services, and advocate for smallholder farmers’ rights at sub-national level.
  • The Social Entrepreneurs Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (SEUAC) is empowered and well positioned, and advocates for smallholder farmers’ rights and an inclusive and enabling environment at national level.