Women empowerment

Characteristic of Heifer’s work is the integrated approach to income improvement, food security, and addressing climate change. When these components are strengthened by improving the position of women, increasing opportunities for youth, and promoting cooperation, we create strong and resilient communities and achieve a structural reduction in hunger and poverty.

De kracht van vrouwen

When a woman earns an income, the whole family benefits.

Investing in women is the key to ending hunger and poverty. When women earn their own income and have the autonomy to decide how to spend it, everyone benefits. Unlike men, women tend to allocate a significant portion of their income to their families and communities: everyone eats healthier, more children attend school, and access to good healthcare becomes attainable. Additionally, when barriers for women are removed, they have more opportunities to play a significant role in their communities.

Heifer collaborates with female farmers and entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources and knowledge they need to start their own businesses or find good jobs in the agricultural sector. Together, we work on scaling up agricultural production and selling it at fair prices. We support them in building their self-confidence and to find their own voice and speak up in the community. And we connect them with other farmers, service providers, and buyers. 

Due to Heifer's holistic approach, farming families are less vulnerable and able to withstand setbacks.