Heifer wins bid government of flanders

Together with our colleagues, we’re always looking for new funding opportunities from institutional donors. 

Throughout the years we received grants from the European Commission and the Dutch Government, which are both key partners for us. Yet, we also look ahead and are aiming to diversify our funding pool. 


Our Malawian colleagues spotted an advert in their national newspaper in February 2021, in which the Flemish Government launched a Call for Proposals to strengthen the position of farmers and improve the well-being of their families. This is Heifer’s core business. In the months that followed we worked intensively on designing a program that would meet all the requirements and would bring about the necessary change. We did this hard work together with our Heifer colleagues in Malawi and the United States, and with a local partner Green Livelihoods.

Groundbut and beef value chain Malawi

In November 2021 we received good news: we won this grant of close to € 1,4M, which is being complemented with more than € 350,000 in co-funding provided by Heifer Netherlands and Heifer International on a 50-50 basis.

In the next five years Heifer will support 14.000 smallholder farmers (of which 50% women and 20% youth) working in the groundnut and beef value chain to improve their position in their respective value chain and increase access to the market. As a result their income will increase significantly, creating a pathway to reaching a sustainable living income.


The pathway to living income

We work with local farming families, their communities, and relevant partners to build sustainable farming businesses and food value chains that strengthen rural economies and put people on the pathway to living income.