Live from the land

By working together with other farmers, with better access to finance and selling products on the market, a poor farming family earns a living income and provides other families with quality food. 

Live from the land - approach

Overcome poverty

We work with farmers and their communities to identify opportunities within value chains that deliver living incomes. With the right knowledge, skills and new techniques, farmers improve the productivity and the quality of their products. But improving the quantity and quality of the goods farmers produce will only get them to a living income if they can sell the goods. That is why we need to link the farmers to the market. By working together, joining a cooperation (or hub) and selling the products in bulk, farmers can negotiate better prices and retain more of the profits. And through better access to credit and suppliers of agricultural products, they can expand their business. In this way, farmers earn a living income and contribute to the food supply in their region.